Why Start Here

The Oxford School Calicut is, in fact, a tool, a method to approach the upcoming era of enhanced technologies, where the technologies will completely take hold of our methods to run a society, so here you will get the apt start for your child.

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Students playing at the international British syllabus school The Oxford School Calicut
Painting at the oxford school Calicut
Only the BEst

Study. Learn. Adapt.

We have to have this concept, drilled into our minds that the children in school now will have to come across face-to- face with this issue. We are focused on the adaptation ability of the students. They should be able to work through this issue and make their way out of this. The conventional ways of teaching now may not be quite enough to prepare children of what is to come in the future. To make them have a general idea of this fast pace riding storm, we need to cater and work on enhancing their inner abilities.

TOSC Family

Caring For The Future Decision Makers

The advancements in the tech field are happening and that too, rapidly. The technology is very close to taking over the skills of humans or collective organizations. The technology is most likely to increase the expectations of the skills and work all around the world. The industries are now dropping the manual workforce everywhere and in a large number. The professions, which were treated as high and mighty are now being replaced by the machines. Every day the revolution is picking its pace.

Within the canopy of the Manarul Huda Trust, the Oxford School Calicut (TOSC) is the youngest among all. All the institutions under the Trust, which features the academic units from the playground to the higher education, whether in India or in the Middle East, are known for their top position in providing the quality education to the children, melding their minds to make them more creative and innovative.

The school will start its academic tenure from March 2018. In the beginning, we will have Play School, Kindergarten and from 1st Grade to the 8th . The idea of adding more academic units in the upcoming year stands.