Do’s and Don’ts While Attending Online Classes: Guidelines to Parents and Students


August 17, 2021


There are certain things that students and their parents must follow while attending online classes at home: Here are the guidelines- WATCH!

Online classes: Guidelines to students

Do’s and Don’s in Online Learning: Every parent and student must know these…!#onlineclasses #onlinelearning #remotelearning #oxford #lockdown #covid19 #cbse

  • Online classes are possible only with the whole-hearted cooperation of the parents.
  • Explain to your child why this is important, talk about the Corona virus epidemic and basic safety measures.
  • You can use anything- a desktop, laptop, or a tablet. If these are not available, use a smartphone. We strongly recommend any of the the first 3 devices.
  • If using tablets, then go for Samsung tabs, any varient, which can be brought back to the school when it reopens.
  • A headset or even an earphone, a webcam, and a good internet connection is must. An internet connection via optical fibre is the best.
  • Students should get a regular place/ room for attending the class, without any noise disturbance or distractions.
  • The room should be well-lit and airy.
  • Don’t let the child sit in a closed room without the parent’s presence. Parents can also sit and assist their wards while the classes are going on until the child get used to the new system, but always take care to be away from the camera.
  • For KG students, parent’s partnership is must as in this case the teacher will be a helper only and the activities should be done by the student with the help of the parent.
  • The back drop of the student should be always plain, which should never attract other participants attention or distract others.
  • Child should be well dressed and well-groomed that must be suitable for a school atmosphere and must keep the decorum of the regular physical contact class.
  • Be very punctual in log in time, screen off time, activity time table etc.
  • Be ready with necessary text books, note books, pen, pencil and other accessories before class begins.
  • Make sure the device is sufficiently charged before the beginning of the class.
  • When there is any instruction for arranging materials for next day or completion of assignments etc. should be closely monitored by parents.
  • No one should visit to see the child’s activity; only one person should sit with the child to mentor him.
  • No drinks, snacks or food is permitted during the class time, it is only allowed during the break time.
  • Child must get permission to leave out of camera for wash room or any other needs, please remember to respect the decorum of the class always.
  • There will be a 10-minute break after each period, in which the child is supposed to turn off the camera and give rest to eyes.
  • For middle classes and above, classes will be held using Google classroom and hangout facility.
  • Some recorded classes may be sent to the students for watching. The LIVE classes can also be recorded and used in a later time.
  • Follow the time table shared by the schools diligently and assist the teachers for they too are trying hard and face similar concerns as you do during this period of Lockdown.
  • Don’t let your child ‘skip’ the online classes or suggest that everything would be repeated once the school reopens. It should be considered as a normal class.
  • Do not criticize or mock the online classes or schools efforts. Please remember that for children, especially young kids, these are troubling times. They would not understand the seriousness of the situation. Criticizing the online lectures may demotivate them.

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