Training Future Sports Stars!

The Oxford Schools have a strong and successful sporting tradition


All our students have the opportunity to participate in any competitive sport they like and we extend full support in the form of professional coaching and fully-equipped infrastructure for them to achieve their goals. The training, which is on a par with federations’ level standard, is provided for at least 7 Olympic sports.

It helps us to focus on the development of the skills needed to take the athlete to the next level. We also ensure that children enjoy sporting and it helps them enhance their personality.

Swimming pool

Football ground

Rubberized children’s play area and play equipment

Indoor stadium

TOSC provides the children an opportunity to study in an institute of International standards.

Among the numerous state-of-the-art facilities we provide, the indoor stadium stands apart. This air-conditioned indoor stadium has 4 badminton courts convertible to basketball and volleyball courts. It has a huge gallery too for visitors to watch and enjoy  Art and sport events, other celebrations etc. indoor games like football, basketball, volleyball, Kung Fu, athletics etc. are conducted here.

Your Child’s First Sports matter!

Let’s Get Playin’

We try to identify the sport suitable for each student.

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