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“I am Dr Ajmal KT(Senior resident, department of General Medicine, Kanachur hospital and research centre, Mangalore) father of Shanza Ain Ajmal (Grade 1 C)
.I’m able to watch my daughter responding well and well interested in her class subjects. The way the teachers are conducting the classes is amazing. With a proper timetable covering the portions at a comfortable pace, we are really at ease. In short, I am pleased that my kid is in expert hands. Kids are following the classes well that they can study and do their homework independently with minimal supervision.
Thank you Oxford school

“Initially, we were very much anxious about these online classes. But the Oxford teaching staff made things very simple and humane. Our ward looks forward to attending these classes as he finds them both educational and fun. I really appreciate the teaching skills and care given by the teaching team. We are fortunate to have our child under the supervision of a competent hand.

Jilsi Shaju

Mother of Sidharth Thalappally

Grade 1 B

Chief Broadcast Journalist


“Choosing the right school for your child is one of the biggest challenges every parent faces. When we started searching for a school for our son, I and my husband were pretty much sure of one thing- we didn’t his earlier school days to be boring and troublesome. We wanted him to learn new things through activities rather than the traditional method of forcefully byheart study.
When we heard about the EYFS program of Oxford School, we knew this was the type of education system we were searching for. The facilities and infrastructure provided by the school also pleased us.
Online classes are an innovative way to keep the learning going. Because of hard efforts taken by the school management, my child is getting a quality education in a safe and comfortable environment at home. I especially like to mention Mrs. Rune Majeed, class teacher of FS1 for her continuous efforts to make study more interesting and enthusiastic with a lot of fun related activities and videos. Her expertise in teaching has put out of mind to ease. All the classes up to this day are up to the mark and we are completely satisfied.

Neethu KL
Asst. Professor
KMCT College Of Engineering For Women

“The Teachers of the Oxford school are like SUPERHERO for our daughter during this pandemic period. The sacrifices, care, and love as a teacher never go unnoticed. They focus on all the efforts of children and always motivate each and everyone with their talents. Teachers are a great inspiration to all children.”
Adil CP and Nekkath Salam parents of Airin Adil CP, grade 2B.

“I am Naheema, parent of Mohammed Ehan studying in FS2 A.

As Oxford school takes utmost care for their students, they have shown excellent performance by dedicated teachers and used e-learning skills for this decade. The teachers are not only hard-working but also loving and encouraging. The virtual classrooms are fun, bright, and full of engaging possibilities at every turn. They keep the little ones well connected and engaged with their personal interactions, which have definitely proved beneficial for their listening and communication skills.
As compared to educational institutions around the Calicut circle, The Oxford School has shown a remarkable contribution to e-learning and appreciates a discount on tuition fees.
The Oxford School has brought not only students but also the parents under the umbrella of gaining knowledge. And as a parent, I am eagerly waiting for the hoist of online class daily.
Oxford school online class will always remain a milestone.
And I wish all Oxfordians for a fruitful return for their hard work and dedication.
Thank you.
Khadeeja Naheema PK

“ I am Akhila Babu,parent of Ahaan Babu from grade 1-A.I would like to express my appreciation towards the teachers of the Oxford school Calicut for their commendable job. It’s truly a new adventure for both the students and the teachers. In this pandemic situation, teachers turned out to be the real superheroes for our children’s. We really appreciate that you all are making sure that each student is getting proper attention and the way of teaching is really smooth. The ‘read aloud section’ is making the kids more confident in reading. The presentation is well crafted, and they covered all points to ensure that the children clearly understood the concepts.
Akhila Babu
Dubai, UAE

“The present covid crisis has been a challenge for all, but more so for children who are struggling to adjust with the uncertainty around.

I feel that Oxford English School, Calicut has been a blessing for all working parents like us. We often find it difficult to make time for our children, or provide them with the learning that children deserve. But you keep children well-connected with their learning goals. As a parent I have seen significant changes in him.

We would like to compliment all his teachers. All of you have kept the momentum and the learning curve going on even through these times of the pandemic. We cannot imagine the tremendous efforts that goes in order to keep all the children engaged and learning at the same time.

Thank you for your patience.
Parents of Yezan and Arham (5A&Fs1B)

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