5 important things to keep in mind when CBSE schools in Calicut city reopen


August 17, 2021


After a long period of panic, isolation, and stay-at-home, the CBSE schools in Calicut city are opening up again. It’s both exciting as well as scary for young minds. Reports of pandemic surges can cause anxiety among them. Feeling uncertain is ordinary in this ongoing situation.

Opting to go to school should be an easier choice for the students. Only through proper guidance will they get the confidence to do so. Their health should always be the foremost priority. So the administration of CBSE schools in Calicut city must address the concerns of students and execute strict precautions. 

Here are 5 salient measures for a back to school and safe to home conveyance:

  1. Thermal scanning: There should be Thermal scanning at every entrance of schools. Students, teachers and other staff members should ensure to pass through the scanner. This should happen during several intervals of the day.
  2. Sanitization of school campus: Thorough sanitization of the whole school is necessary before the students reach the class on weekdays and weekends. Sterilization or fumigation of workspaces ensures the hygiene of students, staff, and other visitors. 
  3. Enforcing masks & gloves: During classroom sessions or other occasions, it’s mandatory to wear masks and gloves. It is the primary step to fight the virus from transmitting from one infected person to another.
  4. Setting up hand sanitizer pump: Installation of alcohol-based hand sanitizers equidistant from each prime spot is imperative.
  5. Maintaining social distancing in classrooms: Students should stand at least 2-3 meters apart from each other at all times. Teachers need to check in on children to see the continuity of social distancing.

By following these measures we can definitely keep our children out of harm’s way. So let us make this reopening a safe and cautious event for each and everyone. 

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