Happiness Center – A must have department the best CBSE schools in Calicut


August 17, 2021


Our successive generation should advance into a clear and focused destiny. And to do so, they must blossom in a stress-free atmosphere. So for healthy mind development, our children need to have mental soundness. Which is a must have department for all the best CBSE schools in Calicut.

Growing up can sometimes pose countless challenges to a child. Because they might have to bear strains from family, peers or academics. For a young mind, this could lead to disruption of their emotional fitness. There is a fair chance they might fall into depression as well.

Avoiding such scenarios and channeling their complaints to a proper medium is a must. But children might be unaware of whom they should consult about their difficulties. There are situations where even parents won’t know the solution to their grievances.

Schools play a major part in helping the students and their parents. They can enhance a child’s holistic development. Such a child can contribute to the success of the school and society. This is why the best CBSE schools in Calicut should have a remedial department.

We at The Oxford School Calicut have initiated “HAPPINESS CENTRE”. So we give counselling sessions and timely guidance to our students through experts. Hence embracing a student-centered approach with a compassionate heart is our prime motto.

Now parents will be able to relax and set their worries aside. It is our responsibility to boost the happiness and peace of our children. Because they are the future light of mankind.

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